How to reach Alleppey by Train,Road and Air


Travel to Alleppey by Train,Road and Air Alleppey is one of the most beautiful travel city.Here is the answer to question how to reach Alleppey in HTR Blog. The network of transport is well connected to the city Alleppey…

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How to reach Auli ,Uttrakhand

how to reach auli

How to reach Auli the winter love of Traveller”s Travelling to Uttrakhand is really a pleasure “Auli” is one of the beautiful place to be travelled. How to reach Auli the primary question we blog about.The travel entusiast people…

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How to reach Lajpat Nagar Central Market

How to reach Lajpat nagar central market

How to reach Lajpat nagar central market  metro from Noida,Gurgaon and Vaishali. Here in the article i will explain the connectivity to the Lajpat nagar central market by metro from Noida,Girgaon and Vaishali.Before I discuss about the connectivity…

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The Temple of Nike Goddess of Victory

Nike Goddess

The history of temple of Nike Goddess of Victory If we talk about the smallest temple in Acropolis in Athens then it is the temple of goddess Athena Nike.The temple of goddess Nike the “goddess of victory” was…

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How to reach Agra from Delhi airport same day

How to reach Agra from Delhi airport

How to reach Agra from Delhi airport for same day tour Agra is the prominent attraction from worldwide.The people visit India land up at Delhi airport and the first most thing they want to see is “one of…

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Haunted Sulphur Spring Tower of Tampa Florida

sulphur spring tower

Is the haunted  sulphur spring tower of Tampa really haunted? The sulphur spring tower of Tampa,Florida served as a landmark to the city earlier.It is said this tower served the pirates to navigate the coastline.Nobody knows that when…

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Haunted Bonacaud bungalow of Kerala

The story of Haunted Bonacaud bungalow of Kerala The human is a race which love to discover answer for every question.The haunted Bonacaud bungalow of kerala  is also a question with lot of supernatural activities.In the mis of green…

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Story of hanging pillar of lepakshi temple

hanging pillars at Lepakshi temple

History of Hanging pillar of Lepakshi temple The India is full of mysterious places.Today we are about to pen down the the fine architect example “VEERABHADRA TEMPLE” also known as Lepakshi temple the one this which is mysterical…

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***Naveen market Kanpur*** Uttar Pradesh

Naveen market kanpur

History of Naveen market Kanpur If we talk about the famous market in Kanpur then Naveen market of Kanpur is the first place which strike in our mind.The history of Naveen market Kanpur goes like this,it is named…

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Famous Janpath market Delhi

janapath market

Shopping Destination Janpath market Delhi Janpath market in Delhi is also famous market for the cloths and trendy wearable like Sarojini nagar market Delhi.The name denoted Janapath refer to the “peoples path” a road coming to Cannaught place…

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