8 Best local famous Markets in Agra

famous markets in agra

To do shopping in the famous markets in Agra

In this article of our HTR blog we will  talk about famous markets in  Agra. There are lot many things to talk about.Forts,palaces and mausoleums.The Taj Mahal depicts an image which is worldwide famous.The tourist from worldwide visit Taj Mahal .so how can theyturn  back without sovinier. There are lot many famous market in Agra.

famous market in agra
famous market in agra

These are the famous markets in Agra

  1. Sadar Bazar
  2. Subhash Bazar
  3. Kinari Bazar
  4. Tdi Mall
  5. Raja Ki Mandi
  6. Shah Market
  7. Shahganj Bazar
  8. Shoe Market

The Uniqueness of markets of Agra is that every store offer you something new and something different.Let it be the art,craft, or other sovinier.The vicinity of Agra is beautified during the time of festivals,you will find its all colourfull and happening environment decorated with the craft and the colour of culture.The famous market of Agra displays the best they have during the celebrations.

Things to buy from famous markets in Agra

The first every tourist shop from the famous markets of Agra is the replica of Taj Mahal. Similary the other marble crafted products like Marble ash trays,marble vases,marble ornamental boxes.The other product which is very famous about is leather.The Leather markets of Agra offer you a very vast collection of leather boots,belts,bags,slipper or jacket.The another items which is bought from Agra is Rugs and carpets. You can choose from a wide range of mats, rugs, wall hangings and carpets. You can buy carpets of any possible design.

Tips for shopping in famous market in Agra:

  • While shopping in Agra, be watchful about the nature of stone and marble items. One method for distinguishing is that the bona fide marble is murky and does not enable light to go through.
  • Abstain from running shopping with drivers or aides at they have a tendency to get substantial commissions, making your things exorbitant
  • Mastercards are acknowledged at all the shops


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